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DOT Physicals Exams

Physicians Health Center is your trusted provider for your DOT / FMCSA Certified Physical Exam

Operating a commercial vehicle demands physical strength, advanced driving skills, and precise coordination. These abilities aren't universal, which is precisely why the Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates periodic physical exams, typically every 2 years, conducted by a licensed “medical examiner”. Given your busy schedule, we understand the importance of convenience. At Physicians Health Center, there's no need for appointments. Simply visit any of our clinics and have your exam performed by one of our DOT-certified medical examiners.

What to Expect At Your DOT / FMCSA Physical Exam

The DOT requires CMV drivers to pass a CDL physical exam—typically every two years—to obtain and keep their commercial driver’s license. During the exam, our DOT-certified medical examiner will:

Review your medical history

Perform an exam similar to a general health exam, assessing your general health and physical state

Check your vision, hearing, and blood pressure

A urinalysis is required to screen for any underlying health conditions

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For commercial drivers with busy schedules, making an appointment for your FMCSA physical isn’t always easy. Until now. We have five convenient walk-in facilities to serve all of Miami-Dade, South Broward, and Monroe Counties. View all our locations below.


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When you come to your DOT physical appointment, you’ll need to bring with you:

Current license and another photo identification

If taking any prescription medications, your valid prescription

Any prescription glasses, contacts, hearing aids, or limb prosthetics

If currently exempted, any documentation supporting your exemption

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